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Tips For Keeping Mosquitos Away From Your Pool 

You might not be aware, but your swimming pool can attract those little buzzing creatures known as mosquitoes. They can cause life-threatening diseases such as malaria, zika, and chickungunya. 

However, you can always get rid of them and keep them away from ruining your pool parties. You can call mosquito control in Suffolk or use some tricks yourself to make sure these creatures don’t bother you. 

Following are some tips that will prevent mosquitos from entering your swimming pool:   

Set Up Mosquito Traps

The best way to get rid of mosquitos is through mosquito traps. These traps release chemical elements to lure mosquitos into a cage. Once they are inside the cell, they start dehydrating and die eventually. 

Some traps use carbon dioxide combined with UV rays to draw these insects, while others use propane gas and convert it into carbon dioxide. All you have to do is keep the trap in the right place and leave the rest to them.  

Regularly clean your pool cover 

The chlorine content in the pool water may not be ideal for mosquitoes to survive or lay eggs. However, anything that covers your pool might be carrying stagnant water from the rainfall or sprinklers. 

You have to remove this water as these insects only require a little water to lay eggs. With some regular cleaning, you can save yourself from health hazards caused by these creatures. 

Remove water reservoirs

Check whether you have any water reservoirs lying around the pool. It could be pool toys, abandoned buckets, or flower pots, where mosquitoes might lay their eggs. Once you find them, remove the water and check these areas regularly. 


mosquito control in Suffolk

These methods will help you at least reduce the population of mosquitos surrounding your pool. If these hacks do not work, you can hire professionals to do the job for you and make your home mosquito-free.